How it all began...

Pat's Carpet, Inc.

Designer Floors. Discount Prices.

Celebrating Our 41st Year!   1976-2017

900 East Imperial Highway

Brea, CA 92821


CUSTOM AREA RUGS...Any Carpet Style. Any Shape. Any Size.

Ever try to find the perfect rug for that special spot in your home or office?

It's not easy. Once you find the right's the wrong size! 

It can be so frustrating. Fringe or no fringe? You get the idea.

At Pat's, they make it so simple you won't believe it. 

Every carpet they offer can be made into a custom area rug .

Any Carpet Style. Any Shape. Any Size.

Quick turnaround time with delivery and set up available by their staff.

HARDWOOD, LAMINATE, and TILE...their prices can't be beat!

Pat's just looks expensive! Their wood, laminate, and tile prices are better than those

"so called" outlets and "hard to find help" warehouse stores any day of the week.

What's different is that you're shopping in a stylish setting with their knowledgeable, trained staff. All the while being offered the latest looks and finishes available on the finest brands the world has to offer. Add into the equation that they've been in business for 41 years and are State Licensed Contractor #524233. They can install your floor for you, or, if you prefer, you can purchase the materials only and do it yourself (DIY)!


THE WORLD'S FINEST WOOL CARPETS... And particularly, Wools of New Zealand

After years of offering various synthetic carpets like everyone else, Pat's felt

it was time to offer their discerning buyer a natural choice. Wool. Other dealers that carried it went about it in a way that was depthless and shallow to say the least. Not at Pat's, they jumped in with both feet! Offering a complete, first class, and meticulous selection of wool carpets from around the world. As a result, they were awarded the prestigious honor of becoming a Premiere Wool Partner and Showroom of Excellence

by Wools of New Zealand. One of only a few in the entire country, Pat's Brea Showroom is worth a visit if you're thinking of investing in wool for a space in your home or office. Don't forget, they offer these, as well as all others, at discount prices to the public!

In the summer of 1976 Pat's father, Jack Petruzzelli, started a retail carpet store in Orange County. At the young age of 18, Pat's role changed shortly thereafter from warehouse manager to owner / operator when his father suddenly passed away. Pat had a vision to bring the best lines in the business to his newly inherited customers at a discount like no one had before.

​Problem was, no "name brand" mill would sell him their product knowing he would discount it to his customers. Persistent as he was, it was no easy task. Well, his persistence has paid off. After years of scouring the globe for the latest in fashion, design, and durability he can now say he has assembled the best the world has to offer. And yes, all of it at discount prices!

​Come check out his vision and see for yourself the very best the world has to offer at Pat's. Designer Floors. Discount Prices.

FINE NYLON CARPETS...And carpets to fit any budget

If you're looking to carpet your home, office, or investment property look no further. Pat's offers it all, displaying all of the leading mills from around the world. What's amazing is you can see all of it in one place. Most stores carry what everyone else carries and have become like miniature "big box" stores. Pat's concept is unique in that they carry brands that are not afforded to other stores in the area. As a result, they sell a lot of carpet and lucky for you they install it too! State Licensed Contractor #524233. 41 years of doing it right!