Is room temperature affected by carpet flooring?

Is room temperature affected by carpet flooring?

You've probably heard that carpeting makes a room warmer, and to a degree, that's true. But carpet doesn't alter the room temperature by itself.

The makeup of this flooring does hold to the temperature set by your thermostat. Here are some facts about the insulating nature of this flooring and what it can do for you.

Carpet acts as an insulator

When you install carpet flooring, it acts as an insulator. So whatever you set your thermostat to, the carpet will retain longer.

The underpadding can increase temperature retention for added comfort that goes on year-round. So whether you want your floor covering warm or cool, carpet can help.

What else can you expect from carpet?

Carpet offers impressive benefits, including a stunning decor match. Enjoy colors, textures, styles, and fiber types that match any interior you have in place.

Be on the lookout for trending options, such as Frieze and blue neutrals. You'll also find other trends that could suit your needs even better.

What about stains in a busy household?

Choosing a carpet with built-in stain and odor protection will give you great peace of mind. Even in busy areas, carpeting works better and serves your whole family.

Choose the most durable flooring you can find with children or pets in the home. You'll get a longer lifespan and better visuals for the life of your carpet.

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