What kind of lifespan can you expect from laminate flooring?

What kind of lifespan can you expect from laminate flooring?

The short answer is that laminate flooring has a lifespan that averages fifteen to twenty years, depending on the options you choose and how well you care for the flooring once it’s in place. But if you’ll read along with us today, we’ll give you more information on those numbers and how they can change.

Laminate flooring lifespans can differ

Laminate floors are an excellent option for every room of your home, especially if wood and stone look options are essential to you. These options can easily match any décor for years of gorgeous appeal.

As with any floor covering, you have budget options through high-end options, and sometimes, you do get what you pay for. When you choose high-quality products that are thicker, more durable, and easier to maintain, you will, of course, get a longer lifespan.

Add a professional installation, traffic-worthy durability options, and regular maintenance to those high-quality materials. You might find that these floors can last as long as thirty years or more. However, if you choose the least expensive option and use harsh cleaners, you might find you’ll need to replace them in as little as ten years.

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