What to know about carpeting flooring textures

What to know about carpeting flooring textures

Carpeting offers a wealth of textures that will change everything about your floors. And they can affect appearance and durability, so it's worth learning more about.

Once you find out how these textures can serve your needs, you can pick the perfect one. And we have some tips that might help hasten the process.

What is the carpet's texture?

In short, texture refers to the feel of the carpet, including yarn length, patterns, twists, and more. And all these offer a variety of combinations that add even more options.

Loop-pile could work for your home

Loop pile refers to floor covering fibers passed through the backing but not cut on the visual side. It's a tight texture that isn't the softest, but it doesn't show footprints.

It's great for high-traffic areas where you need the performance over visual appeal. And you'll have outstanding visual choices for a great decor choice in every space.

Cut pile is a softer touch underfoot

Manufacturers cut the yarn after passing through the backing in cut pile flooring. This creates a softer experience in different lengths that affect looks and performance.

With lots of carpeting available in this texture line, you'll find an excellent decor match. And it's a perfect option for bedrooms and more.

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