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Since 1976 you, the Realtor, continue to be a vital part of our business and, as a result, we work with you and your clients very closely. If a home needs to be readied for sale we can spruce up the floors for a swift sale, adding a fresh, clean, up to date look quickly and economically. If, on the other hand, your new homeowner wants to redo the flooring in their newly purchased home refer us with confidence knowing you can trust us to offer the best quality, service and pricing anywhere in town. No chance of any bad feedback...we just won't have it!

Spruce up list or refer with confidence. Either way, your clients will thank you!

We stock several products specifically with you, the realtor, in mind for quick installation & low, low pricing at Pat's!

Realtor's testimonials

"Pat's has taken care of me and my clients for years now. They are so careful with tender situations like moving in or out of a home while all the while offering great selection, service, installation and pricing. I'll never use anyone else."

Carol L.

"I tried Pat's for the first time earlier this year (2017) for a client that needed help fast to sell her home. They jumped through hoops to get it done for us at a record pace and a great price. We had multiple offers and actually got more than the listing price when all was said and done! She was also able to make the final payment when escrow closed which was a big help with her limited cash flow. Great people to deal with!"

Joan M.

"I had used the same place for years on State College and gave Pat's an opportunity to win me over after hearing about them from another agent in my office. They wowed me! Service, price, you name it!"

Betty B.

"When I recommended my flooring guy to my buyer they told me about Pat's and said they had done their previous homes with them. They worked with Amber and said she was amazing! I followed up with them afterwards and they reported another perfect job. Hmmm, I never, ever got that response about my guy."

Scott T.

"Quick, efficient and price conscious. Used them for years. They're the best in the business, hands down."

Bob L.

Attention all realtors

See if your client qualifies for no final payment until escrow closes. Only at Pat's Carpet!